About Rome Homes Realty Group

Rome Homes Realty Group, part of Maximum One Community of Realtors, is a realty group I created to focus on serving the Rome, GA community.

As an attorney here in Rome, I spent my years while practicing law investing in real estate in Rome, GA. Eventually, real estate became a bigger and bigger aspect of my life than law. At that time, I went inactive with my law license and I began to focus solely on my personal real estate investments.

With over 15 years of involvement in Rome real estate as a closing attorney and investor, I saw a need in the Rome community. Often times buyers/sellers were coming to the closing table with anxiety and uncertainty. Often times, they really didn’t seem to know what to expect when they arrived. When I bought my first home in my early 20’s, I was that same individual.

As an attorney, I considered it my duty to make sure my clients knew every step of the process in handling their legal issues. So, I decided I could do the same as a Realtor. I could bring my legal background with contracts, negotiations and real estate law to help clients through the complex process of buying/selling their homes. All while reducing their anxiety. As your Realtor, I consider it my duty to help you get the best price on your home, and to help you through every step of the way as an individual.

Also, when working with home buyers, Rome Homes offers a Home Buyer’s Rebate Program.
Here’s a quick video to explain how it works, or click the link above for even more details.