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1000 Reasons to Make Rome GA Home -1-5

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Today I will begin a series on 1,000 Reasons to Live in Rome, Georgia. So if you’re considering moving to Rome, perhaps this will give you the push to come and visit our city of 7 hills and 3 rivers.
This list will be written in no particular order, but is designed to reflect all of the wonderful opportunities this city provides.

REASON # 1 :The Most Livable City in the Southeast

Rome has been rated consistently one of the most livable city ratings in the Southeast. That rating compromises so many things that will be included in this list.

Having a home in Rome provides you a place to live with great weather, wonderful outdoor activities, a great music scene, great access to other excellent nearby areas, and a safe and friendly community with the best healthcare any small city can offer.

In short, Rome provides big city opportunities in a small city locale. A home in Rome provides you with the best of everything a big city has, with the best characteristics of the small town as well.

REASON # 2 : Rome is a Place to Call Home

Today, so many of our careers have taken us away from home. The changing job market makes it difficult to put down roots somewhere that one can’t be certain they are going to want to stay. Rome is a great place to provide that stability. With access to all of the jobs in Northwest Georgia and Tennessee, from Atlanta to Chattanooga and everything in between, Rome is a place far enough off the interstate to not be a suburb of Atlanta, but close enough to it to reap all of the benefits.

In Rome, a person can start a family, have a job either in town or out of town, and can still be home from work in time for dinner with them. Young adults just entering the job market will find homes at a price that is comfortable to their new career salaries, while families and older adults will find a place that fits their needs as well. The Rome housing market literally provides the full array of options. From downtown apartments to large country estate. And all of them are just a hop up the road to all of the job options Interstate 75 can provide.

REASON # 3 : Fantastic Weather

Rome is perfectly situated so in the Northwest corner of Georgia so that it receives some of the most desirable weather conditions. With mild winters and summers, the weather is never intolerable. With an average high annual temperature of 72.5 degrees and an average annual lower temperature of 50.4 degrees, it’s almost never too cold or too warm. Summers are nice, and warm enough to enjoy life on Rome’s three rivers. In the winter, the weather is cool, with only the very rare light snow fall. On average, Rome gets at least 213 days of sun per year, and an average of 75 days of precipitation. Having a home in Rome provides one with a uniquely comfortable environment that provides plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors, as well as benefit from low energy costs to keep your home comfortable year around.

REASON # 4 : Access to Interstate 75, Atlanta and Chattanooga
Having a home in Rome is not only about getting to access the many wonderful activities locally. Rome’s location to Interstate 75 provides access to so many other drive able options for both jobs and entertainment, without the busy traffic and congestion of cities directly on the interstate.

Almost any location for a house in Rome is less than a 30 minute drive to I-75. From there it’s less than an hour to the cities of Chattanooga and Atlanta. Between Rome and Atlanta is a plethora of developed job markets, whether its new tech jobs, manufacturing jobs, or nearly any other industry, the I-75 corridor south to Atlanta provides access to it.

North from I-75 is the Appalachian foothills all the way to Chattanooga, TN. From Rome, heading north provides even more outdoor activities, more jobs, and the continuously growing entertainment and career options in Chattanooga.

REASON #5 : Outdoors
A home in Rome provides access to some of the best family friendly outdoor activities in the Southeast. Right in town is Berry College, the world’s largest college campus. Berry is well known for the numerous hiking, biking and disc golf opportunities and available to all visitors. Having Berry College in town is much like having a national park right outside one’s backdoor.

Additionally, Rome is a city of 3 rivers. The Oostanaula and Etowah Rivers come together in downtown Rome to form the Coosa river. These 3 rivers provide fishing, canoeing, kayaking and paddle board opportunities, including rentals and river transportation from several local businesses.

Water sports aren’t the only activities provided by these rivers. Rome has developed miles of pedestrian and bike friendly trails along both the river and throughout parks in the city. Rome is full of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Today’s post is just the beginning. 5 of the hundreds of reasons to consider purchasing a home in Rome.

I look forward to hearing what reasons you have to make Rome Sweet Home.

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